Saturday, March 24, 2012

Thea Harrison's Latest.

Lately I've been hanging out at Smart Bitches quite a bit, oogling the ads, and one in particular. That would be the ad for Thea Harrison's Natural Evil. It's a cute little ad and indeed I do thank her for it. :-)

Now I've read the book. Oh. My. God.

The heroine rules. A forty year old ex-special forces, with a touch of useful magic and common sense to go along with her physical training. Claudia can kick some ass, y'all.

Luis. Luis is ... hawt. Young and hawt. And determined. And loveable. I loved him, at least. *grin*

Love the ad, love the book, love the characters. Thank you, Thea Harrison.

For Sooz. :-)

It's weird, I tried to post this in a separate post, but it wouldn't 'take'.

"Come here, my beautiful one ..."



  1. Thea Harrison RULES!!! I feel in love with Dragon Bound... Dragos is wicked hot (and he's a dragon to boot... Y-U-M!)
    I still say the cover from Natural Evil looks like Antonio Banderas but younger....

  2. I completely agree - it does! OMG, Antonio...Antonio...

    He's Spanish, you know. *nods head knowledgibly*(sp). Why oh why didn't I know Spaniards were so hawt when I was young enough to do something about it? :/

  3. LOL!! I figured it out and married me a hot Latino man!

  4. Oh GAWD. Antonio rules and Lori drools.