Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Spring is here and I feel 100% better. Well, okay, 95% better. I like the cooler weather of winter, but ... but ... I just don't feel so chipper. But how could one live in the beauty that's the South in Spring and not feel their spirits lift? Check out the pics below - not the guy, although he's definitely worth checking out - but the flora of Alabama. And that's just the dogwoods!

Anywhoo, this time of year also seems to spring a lot of books. I just received a bunch of pre-orders not long ago and my open digital orders at Amazon is still amazingly full. I'm going to list them for you and give you links if the Link God will let me. Just the Amazon link, because let's face it, Techie Girl I'm not and why push my luck? You can find them at the seller of your choice after I point them out to you, right?

So, here we go. Fingers crossed the techie gods are in a good mood.

Unstoppable by Laura Griffin. Check the price on this one!!


She's a great romantic suspense writer.

Beguiling the Beauty by Sherry Thomas.


The Way Back by Stephanie Doyle, a Harlequin Super Romance. *Shrugs* It sounded good and the price was right, so I ordered it.


Dream Lake by Lisa Kleypas. Okay, this is a summer book, but I wanted to make sure I got my order in. :-)


The Witness by Nora Roberts. This one is iffy because the price is outrageous!! Still, it sounds damn good and it is Nora ...


Another summer book - Gunmetal Magic by Ilona Andrews. Can't wait for this one - Andrea's story.


The Last Boyfriend by Nora Roberts. The second in the Boonesboro trilogy. Pricey, but not as outrageous as The Witness.


Thank God the release of all these books are spaced out a bit. But you know, I don't spend money on much these days except books, so I refuse to feel guilty. Besides, these books are getting a deal - two readers for the price of one, lol.

Do any of them appeal to you?


  1. Well Kleypas and La Nora, of course.

    Love the two readers for the price of one. Hee hee. I think more people should start sharing accounts. Such a smart way to get better value on your books and to share cost (not that we do because you buy 15 books to my every 1).

  2. Yes, but I'd be buying them anyway, so where's the problem?

  3. And also - when I was in a tight financial situation, way back pre-Kindle accounts, you were constantly sending me books snail mail.

    Tit for tat. :p

  4. Leave my tits and tats out of it, woman!