Sunday, March 25, 2012

More Visuals for Carolyn

The above is Kofi. He's from Africa (don't ask me where) and he's a high flyer and so adorable.
R. Truth. A total nutjob but hysterical. And look at that body! Holy Moly, look at that body!!
David Otunga. Harvard grad. Jennifer Hudson's husband. He wears bow ties for some strange reason.


  1. At least these ones don't have belts...


    And I need to get Lori's glasses checked..

    <~~~~~ running away now.

  2. Ah bin astudying on that there David Otunga ...

    He has the perfect body. It's not overblown and too bulgy like body sculptors get and the symmetry is perfection.

    And if his personality is as lovely as his body, oh how I envy Jennifer!