Thursday, December 27, 2018

What Will 2019 Bring?

Aloha all.

This blog has been quiet for awhile and I apologize. Carolyn and I are far from done with it... in fact, Carol told me it's time to update and change and I'm up for the challenge.

Hopefully everyone got through Christmas okay. I was not very seasonal. Mollie is starting to emotionally separate from me, no doubt a natural thing as she prepares to leave the house and go to college and her own independent life. But it leaves me a little forlorn.

On the bright side: I'm sarcastic as shit and openly scornful of those deserving scorn and life is changing for the better. One day I'll give an account of the shitshow that is my working environment and my sudden change of attitude and how it's throwing the status quo off. Nothing like an old bitch with no shits to give dealing with a young bitch with no brains to use.


Carolyn has had some major changes in her life. She has a roommate: her sister Moe. Moe is a do-it-yourselfer and very big on painting any surface that can be painted and decorating and well, driving Miss Carol crazy. Big smiles though because Carolyn is doing all the things now and stepping out of her comfort zone and what can be better than that?

Still quilting. This is my first full sized quilt that I made my sister for Christmas. It took over 2 months and it was crazy hard and so much fun to make.

So time for New Years and resolutions. But that's another post for another day.

Happy holidays everyone!!