Thursday, March 29, 2012

Curse You, Kindle!

I'm trying to organize my Kindle. If the Kindle was a paperback book, it'd be toast right about now. I'd have burned the damn thing for being recalcitrant and stupid and downright evil. I know it sneers at me when I have to go back to the beginning and start over. They need to invent a way to open another window when you're filing books. Or something. It's all very ...


So, here's to you Southern Comfort (that's my Kindle) - pffffffffffffffffttt!


  1. My Kindle, Miss Penelope Wigglesbottom is very docile and always does what I ask her.

    Those Southern women are just so darn difficult sometimes.

  2. LMAO...

    You ladies kill me. but yet another reason why I will tkae a proper book over a kindle. If I was to win one, I think it would make a nice tray for something lol

    Good luck Carolyn, hope you get it sorted soon.