Tuesday, March 6, 2012

And Furthermore ...

I'm taking a shitload of books with me.

Evidently the end of February/first part of March is important in the publishing lexicon. I had pre-ordered some new releases by my favorite authors. You know, the authors you don't mind - much - spending ten or twelve dollars on their ebooks? Or maybe you do ...

Anyway, the first batch downloaded February 29 a.m. Angels' Flight by Nalini Singh, Echos of Betrayal by Elizabeth Moon, Rainbow Road by Lisa Kleypas. My bank account staggered, but bravely carried on, even though I'd felt obliged to buy Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor which I'm reading now.

Then ...! The second batch dl'd. Fair Game by Patricia Briggs. When Maidens Mourn by C.S. Harris. Oracle's Moon by Thea Harrison.

Now, I may have some of the dates/books mixed up, but the fact remains I've got a shitload of books that cost a shitload of money, much more than I ususally pay.

But you know what? These authors are worth it. And it's worth it to have these luscious books all packed up in my Kindle, ready to partay with me in Greece.

But next time I'll be sure to check the release dates. Or maybe not - I feel like it's Christmas, lol.

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