Friday, March 16, 2012

Oh Noes

Woe is me. I can't get into Dear Author. :-(

I would blame my desktop at home, except I can't get in at work either. So I don't really know which end has the problem.

Normally, it wouldn't bother me, but DA has embarked on a series of op eds on fanfic. I was interesting in reading these and also getting the opinions of the many respondants about ff, since Lori and I sort of came from that background.

Sort of ... it's a long story, lol.

Anyone know why clicking on DA makes my computers freeze up? Why nothing but the background downloads? It's a pretty green, but I need just a bit more.

Anyone want to give me a synopsis of what's going on over there?

Stan is no help whatsoever. He's got only one thing on his mind and I am so over that now.

Damn. Double damn.


  1. Hey Carolyn

    I just cut and paste it all in to an email for ya - comments too. I haven't read it but I should given I write the stuff too lol.

    Let me know if it doesn't come through and I'll try again. My laptop is like yours - works hardly ever. I have to post this in firefox cause IE won't work. Go figure...

    Happy reading :D

  2. Thanks Lea, that's above and beyond the call of duty!

    Maybe I should dl Firefox (again) and try it. I just can't figure why this one site ...

  3. I think it's something with DA because it's funky. Pages disappearing, links here and gone...

  4. I got in long enough to make a post, but then I got kicked out again. >(


  5. You're very welcome :D

    And I know that I have to post on my blog via firefox because IE won't log me in, even though I am...

    Puters... 'sposed to make things betterer. HMPH!

    Glad you got a comment in though - you want me to cnp some more for ya?


  6. No, but thank you, Lea. I'll dl Firefox and see if that'll work. Obviously DA is working for the rest of the world; I see by our sidebar that the First Page is up.

    Still can't get in this morning though. Everything freezes up and I have to use the task monitor to get out of it. I'm becoming very familiar with DA's shade of green in their background, lol. It's just nothing dl's EXCEPT the background.

    I do wonder if any others have it this bad - maybe Jane is being deluged with emails. Heh.

  7. No worries, hope FF works for ya.

    I tried to get in to see your comment but couldn't find it. I also used IE which froze and then blocked everything on puter from working. FF works ok...

    I do remember seeing something about them reverting to an old 'cover', maybe that's the reason. I'd hate to be Jane's email account right about now lol

    As to the article itself, a bit of an eye opener. I had no idea bout half of what they talked about but I get hte gist that fanfic is ok if you don't make money from it.

    I can understand that and their reasoning. But I'd wonder how they felt about fics that were based on real people and not characters someone else came up wiht - ie Divos.

    Lori's suggested I deDivo Cake but after reading all that stuff, I'd have to wonder if it was worht it. I'm too scared to go over and post my question - I've seen some of the comebacks lol.

    Anwyay, I hope you manage to get it all sorted. maybe IE is on it's way out and is not going gracefully. I have a lot of trouble wiht it when uploading and stuff so it's not limited to posting comments on blogs.

    ps - one of my non-robot proofing words is etilay - talk about Divo inspired lmao