Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Women Do The Heavy Lifting

Kamala Harris 2020!!

Although honestly, right now I'm excited about 3 out of 4 of the Democratic women running. (Not surprisingly I despise Tulsi and didn't vote for her in our local election either). But wow: Kamala.

What excites me is that we need a woman to come in and clean up the mess the RepubiTrumps did. Get in and clean up the government, throw the protections back on our environment. You know, save the motherfucking planet. The shit that men can't be bothered to do.

Speaking of men not being worth the meat sack they reside in: my brother replaced my spark plugs so I love him to death. However...

Lola is dying.

Lola is my SIL's mother. 92, severe dementia and dying. She's at home, hospice comes in every day and she's stopping eating and drinking. She is dying.

But she's not dead yet. She's alive and in our house and needs 24 hour care. So who do you think provides that care? If you guessed the women, you'd be right. Even my daughter has helped clean Lola's ass and held her hand. It's what we do. We're women.

And my useless but I love him brother? He avoids. He lets the women do the work. He keeps his eyes forward so he doesn't have to see the shit on our hands and tears in our eyes.

Lola is dying.

Did you know that Medicare is paying for the hospice nurse and aides that come in daily to help the SIL clean her mother up and access the catheter and the meds and the dying woman's pain levels. The same Medicare that the Republinuts want to cut. Kamala wouldn't. Kamala and the other women know that our mothers shouldn't have to lay in their own filth and someone has to turn them onto their sides and wipe the mess and apply the salve and brush the hair from her face and tell her she's loved.

Lola is dying and so are giraffes and lions and decency and our rights. And Kamala is a woman of color and I think it's so unfair that I want her to be my president so she can clean the shit this country has become but it's what women do and we understand that we have to do it.

We have to do it.

Because Lola is dying. And so is America.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! (let's hope for impeachment)

2019. Who knew we'd live so long?

Started the New Year off not really doing anything I planned. I did get my pictures hung (Carolyn, you look great on my walls!), getting another skull in the Etsy store and reading. I planned to sew but didn't. I planned to wash my walls but didn't. I planned to nap and did.

Here's hoping that 2019 is the year of Pelosi. Two years of Trump has been terrible for the sanity of normal people and the decline of decency has been hard to watch. Here's to Team Pelosi!

Okay: resolutions. I no longer do 'em. In the last few years it's been themes of what I need to learn and I relaized that this year it's so scattered... Mollie will go to college but that doesn't bother me that much. More than anything I'm just concerned with how the finances will work. I'll know soon enough.

So my theme this year is: none. There are things I hope to acheive and plans made but somehow this year is too wide open to settle.

I want to become friends with my finances. I want to overcome my bad financial decisions and have a healthy relationship with my money.

I want to keep creating. Quilting (my joy). Writing. Painting.

I want to hone my anger and sarcasm into a weapon that could castrate a man with a simple word.

I want to have a library of woman strong movies and books to give me power.

No more bullshit in my life. I'm trying to see how that works. I'll keep you updated.