Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Anti Depressants and Romance

Oh, I'm in such a good mood. I'm in a frolicking through the meadows while singing a happy song and attracting small woodland creatures in my wake, kind of mood.

I restarted my anti-depressants.

I take the 'happy pills' (what my daughter and I call them) because menopause is harsh and I got PMS badly because of it. I stopped taking them after I lost my insurance via unemployment and now I restarted (got job, insurance and happy pills... start dancing Disney squirrels!!).

Anyway, it got me to thinking... when I'm on the pills I sleep better, I feel better, I avoid the occasional moroseness that overcomes my usual sunny disposition. And honestly, I feel a little of ye olde lustiness. Without happy pills, I can see a hawt man and not wonder how large his baseball bat of love is. With the pills? Let's start swinging that thing!

Anti-depressants are wonderful things. I say that in all seriousness and would suggest most Americans would benefit from a large dosage of them. However, there is a side effect with some and that's a lack of sexual interest or the inability to orgasm.

Are you seeing my mind working here?

So taking the standard romance trope of the vaguely experienced heroine who has never had a proper O but then the hero swings his bat her way and she's orgasming so hard and so much that they're calling neurologists in to study her, well, it made me wonder what if it was just a chemical inbalance?

That made me wonder further, would anybody find that as interesting a plot twist as I would? What if there was a heroine who couldn't seizure whenever the mighty wang made its entrance and it just turned out the doctor had her on the wrong pill?

Seriously, would you read it?


  1. crap on a stick! Let's try this again.

    PS - :D

    I would gladly read your story (being the fangirl I am, MWAH) so long as it wasn't too over the top with the description of the ailment.

    I've read stories where the author has gone to great lengths to describe ailments, the fall out and the treatments etc. I don't read romance novels/stories with a desire to end up with a medical degree by the end.

    Shedding the light and a little information is fine but I don't need to feel as though I'm in medical school and should be taking notes for a pop quiz at the end.

    I hope that makes sense. Less is more, as they say. I like to learn about new things but I also like the option of GoOgling or going to a library ot learn more should I have the desire. There's nothing worse than reading something that's supposed to be alove story only to have the medical side of things make up 3/4 of the story.

    But that's just me. Maybe other people like more.

    On a side note, yay for happy pills and Disney squirrels :D. My dad takes them but it's hard to tell cause he's still a grumpy old shit lol. maybe I should take them instead, then it won't matter how he is.

    Good luck to ya Ms Lori. Glad to see you're back in a happy place.


  2. If you made it humorous I would.:-)

    The possibilities are endless, lol.

  3. Grumpy old shit. OMG Lea, I'm laughing my enormous ass off.

  4. Hehehe

    I loves him all the same :D

    Feel free to use if you like.

    btw - what happened to the 'get emails when someone responds' thingy? I didn't realize anyone else ahd posted.

  5. Lea -- you may not have checked the box.

    I would love to see a romance like this! I have had this issue and it seriously bites.