Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The End of Two Old Farts?

Transcribed from an IM conversation:

Short Fart: What do you mean you're moving to Greece?

Tired Fart: You went too far, Lori! I put up with a lot but if you think I'm going to sit back while you exploit my maladies, you've got another thing coming!

Short Fart: Red, you're taking it personally. Anyway, nobody even knew it was true or not. They probably thought I made it all up.

Tired Fart: It wasn't funny! Do you know how sad it is to have your woman parts in pain and protective covering?

Short Fart: Protective covering? Like underwear?

Tired Fart: I don't want to talk about it.

Short Fart: Bandages?

Tired Fart:

Short Fart: A cast?? Were you in a clit cast? OMG!!! I'm dying here.

Tired Fart: *sniff* I said I did not wish to discuss it. But this is ample reason for why I'm going to Greece and taking my books with me.

Short Fart: You can't go to Greece. We're not done with edits, you have the key to the chocolate cabinet and you promised you'd go with me to Couple's Kareoke at Bender's House of Booze. You know you're the closest thing I got to a man friend currently.

Tired Fart: You bitch! That's why I'm leaving! You don't appreciate me.

Short Fart: Oh stop it, you're not going anywhere. Anyway, you're a redhead, you're allergic to sun and Greece is sunny I think. So what shall we wear to benders? Support hose and Daisy Dukes?

Tired Fart:

Short Fart: Don't be like that, Red. Come on.

Tired Fart:

Short Fart: Red?

Tired Fart:

Short Fart: Oh shit...

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