Monday, June 30, 2014

Older Ladies

I think we found our anthem!

Empty Nest

So we're packing up and the house is getting emptier by the day.It's so strange to see the world you were trying to create, disappear little by little.

My SIL made us a video showing the house and surrounding area. So pretty. It's a small house and that worries her but excites me. I haven't been living on Pinterest for nothing, you know. I'm ready to put all my space saving, container living, organizational skills to use.

One cat rehomed, two still to go.

It's hard to be present in my life right now since I seem to be in an insecure place. Can't get it together to write more than a few sentences a day. Can't read. Watching lots of Netflix and listing my life on Craigslist.

Oh but good feelings: sent my resume to the local medical center and they wrote back immediately and asked me to contact a specific manager with my resume. I'm offering to do phone/Skype interviews before moving. So I'll be hopeful.

And because I have little to say but I'm crushing on Zachary Quinto big time right now:

So nummy. Nom nom nom.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

This Is Awesome!

This was one of those emails from Amazon saying if you like romantic comedy, check out these books....

Yup, it's Carolyn's book.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

And They Call It Puppy Love

So Mollie is 13 and her friends are 13 and they "date" and are boyfriend/girlfriend...


Dawson and Emily are bf/gf and today Emily told me that they've never kissed. At all. In fact her exact words were: "Eww, someone else's saliva in your mouth. Gross."

You can't fight love.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Aloha... Oy!

So we're moving to Hawaii.

After losing my job, I realized I could get back onto the same carousel of living paycheck to paycheck, always struggling and feeling very alone.... or we could change our lives.

My brother and SIL asked us to move a long time ago and it was tempting but I couldn't see doing it. Now I can't see any other choices looking half so good.

We leave on August 20. Until then we'll be packing, shipping things, working on our financials and panicking a lot. And I mean a lot.

I don't feel completely present in my life right now. Making such a huge change is leaving me feeling unsettled. And Carolyn, poor baby, is suffering through some physical ailments currently and not very happy in her life.

So right now when I start to feel panicky I stop and remember where I'm taking Mollie.

Yeah, this is where we're going. The Big Island, up north in Honokaa (Weimea). We'll be living a block away from a horse ranch (Mollie is delighted), we'll have chickens, fruit trees and a new beginning.

I promise a party before we leave (heh heh).

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Orange Is The Next Black.... Season Two

Spoilers, spoilers everywhere. Read at your own risk.

Season 2 of OITNB is on Netflix and I watched it all, the last 2 episodes today. And I have a few thoughts.

And seriously, spoilers.

The new character: Vee. Played by Lorraine Toussaint.She's amazing. One moment she's drop dead gorgeous, the next minute she's hard and vicious. She's sweet, she's sociopathic, she's the worst fucking mother-figure to ever be shown.

I loved her.

Now the real woman is 54 years old (I know, right??). I mean, we should all be that gorgeous. Was it necessary to see her breasts?

HUGE complaint here: this season was so many breasts: wassup with that? We saw everyone but Boo's tits and uh, thank you for keeping her covered up.

As a female viewer though, I really didn't need to see everyone's breasts. It pissed me off. It was gratuitous and since I'm willing to bet there's a high demographic of women watching, it was unnecessary and mildly insulting.

Red showed her age. Awesomesauce.

There was a lot of crap about lesbianism going on this season. From Boo and the dog (what the fuck was that all about?) and then the bet to see who could fuck more ladies. Oh but it doesn't end there. The newbie SoSo who we had to see being eaten out (why?) and then Tastee and P. with the kiss and the kitchen girls and their kiss and then we had the warden and her boy smooching husband.

Seriously, not necessary. Too many breasts, too many same sex kisses. It was numbing.

And Larry and Polly. Nobody cares!

Really, nobody cares!!

I liked how Vee came into the prison and took over the black women, creating some interesting divides in the relationships. There's obviously racial divides in prison and this season was about them. It was well done. And watching Tastee and P unravel their friendship was heartbreaking.

Samara Wiley rocks!!

Poussey is one of my favorites. She's so true as a friend, sweet. It was excellent to get some of her back-story (and again, didn't need to see her breasts). Love her.

I loved what they did with Suzanne, Crazy Eyes. Her relationship with Vee brought her into a good space, she needed a mother who could calm her. After she beat the shit out of Poussey and started to flip out, Vee brought her down. 

Pennsatucky is pretty off the show.

I hated Pennsatucky and the stupid friendship with Boo. Her relationship with Healy was real, two people lost in their feelings and reaching out for connection. I liked them together and wished they could have had more time to develop their relationship. But to have Jesus freak Pennsatucky connect with Boo and become a faux-lesbian made no sense at all. Although she looked good with her haircut.

Loved this episode.

Where was Sophia? 

There were problems with this season. Too many gratuitous breast shots. The Daya/Stumpy storyline was old. The shit with the warden was kind of drawn out throughout the season but then ended with a whimper instead of a bang. There was an abundance of lesbian poking and some of it felt unfriendly. 

I hope in Season 3 that Larry and Polly disappear. Bring Alex back because Laura Prepon is sex on wheels. Intelligent and affecting. And a million times cooler than Piper.

And by the way: biggest spoiler ever: the ending with Vee was so suck-ass as to be HORRIBLE. Really? She tears up the prison, starts race wars, destroys people's lives, is one of the best drawn characters in like forever and then she escapes from prison and gets hit by a car? Give me a fucking break. They wimped out. She needed to be killed in prison by one of the white women, protecting Red. Otherwise it was a cop out.

Guess if truth be told, OITNB is better than a lot of stuff on TV. Unfortunately, it wasn't quite good enough this second season.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Fault in Our Stars: Kleenex Version

"You sobbed like a little bitch."
What my daughter said to me as we left the movie theater.

Mollie and I read The Fault in Our Stars and both us love thought the book was amazing and moving. Neither of us cried but it was a misty read.

We saw the movie today and I sobbed throughout. Tears ran down my cheeks, my throat was clogged and only the fact that we were surrounded by strangers kept me from full out gulping sobs.

Almost never is a movie better than a book. This movie was.

Putting real faces on Hazel and Gus made their story even more solid. And the actors weren't beautiful, they were real and fit the roles perfectly.

And seeing Laura Dern as Hazel's mother with the pain on her face as her daughter was sick... God, I'm crying thinking of it.

I'm not a great fan of angst but this movie was amazing. Pass the kleenex.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Where I've Been

Here's a blog post nobody wants to write...

I lost my job.

Seven months working for my dream employer in my dream job and I got fired. Reason given: none. It seemed one out of 28 providers didn't like me (not my work, not my abilities but me) and so I got the boot.

I've been in shock for the last week and depressed like nobody's business. Losing a job because someone doesn't like you... I feel dead inside.

To try and keep my chin up I've been getting all my old published titles back on Amazon (thank you Lea for some fabulous new covers) and I'll redo blurbs and get them all up here on ye olde blog. And I started looking for another job. But I feel like shit.

Today I got my last check so I'm feeling especially out to sea.

Hell, to feel better let me show you one of those new covers that Lea did. It's pretty fantastic.

 That cover is better than the book. LOL!!!!!

Oh I love it so.