Saturday, March 3, 2012

R is for Romance

So a month ago, or maybe it was for Valentine's Day, Lifetime channel did a day of Nora Robert's movies. I didn't watch but I did DVR 2 of them, intending to watch later.

Yesterday I got a yen to watch and turned on Tribute. So I made dinner as it was on and then called my 10 year old daughter, Mollie, to dinner. She started to watch and then decided to remain and watch till the end.

She got totally into it and started by covering her eyes the first time they kissed but then asking if they'd kiss again and at the end demanding that they were married and in love.

Then she wanted to watch the other one I recorded.

So we started watching that one (it has three sisters on a ranch and John Corbett)(oh my, John Corbett) and finally she said she wanted to get back to her stuff but she asked me not to finish because she wanted to see that one too.

Now granted, both these movies are suspenseful but they are romances. And I loved that a 10 year old girl could get caught in the romance just like her mama.

Tonight, her request, we're watching Breaking Dawn. It hurts me, but romance is romance. And I do appreciate her having some in her heart too.

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  1. Did you survive, Lori? ;-)

    How could a person be female and not embrace romance? I think it's in our genes.