Thursday, March 22, 2012

More Short Fart Randomness

As a major Survivor fan, I'm HUGELY disappointed in this current season of Survivor. They started by dividing the teams as men against women and had them sharing a beach which was different and cool. But then they changed the teams up and there was team Buff against team Nerd and it was awful.
The other awful thing was that they had their first openly racist player and it was bothersome how much the people around him just didn't care. In fact, his behavior wasn't only tolerated, it was repeated by others.
I found him repellent and the team members who didn't shun him, just as bad. I don't know if I'll even continue to watch this season because it was so disturbing to see how easily people tolerated his hate and hate speech. What a vile, loathesome man!
On a positive note: have two books to read with black heroes and I'm wildly excited. I'm ready for non-white characters. In fact, I'm writing one.
Which leads me to what I've been pondering lately. As I posted awhile ago, I read the Travis series by Lisa Kleypas and was struck by it's complete and total awesomeness. It was that good and then some. Enough so that it made me want to write.
What I'm writing is similar to what that series is. I have a first person heroine, an alpha hero, mother issues. So does that mean I'm writing a Lisa Kleypas, Travis fan fic? Although it's based in California and not Texas.... and the heroine is black ... and there's no brothers nd sisters showing up....
But the thing is that Lisa Kleypas makes me want to write better and she makes me want to pull out the same feelings in my writing. So is it fan fic or dirivative or what?
I dunno. Maybe later I'll ask DA.

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  1. Gee, you think they'll give you a definitive answer? Seems to be beaucoup beliefs and icky feelings over there.

    It boggles my mind that people who have no problem with dark - dark, dark, dark - kink, have a problem with RL whatchamacallit, that isn't ff at all. *scratching head*

    Who knew I was a fetishist (is that a word?), shunned by all the other fetishists ... I feel so alone.