Monday, February 20, 2012

Song of Life

So this morning I was sitting on my bus and I opened my Kindle, ready to start a new book. I had a Molly Harper book that Carolyn had downloaded but then I saw Song of Life, Carolyn's newly released book.

I'd read the book back when Carolyn first wrote it (we always read each other's writing) but I hadn't sat down and read it fully after editing and everything it went through professionally.

Holy shit, Carolyn can write!

Seriously, it is that good. It's just so well written and so much better than the usual shit and I want people to read it. I really do.

So here's the thing. I'll give you a copy of the ebook if you'll leave a review on Amazon. You don't have to promise to do it in the next week or even month. You don't have to promise 5 stars.

This is just a book that deserves to be read and truly deserves an audience. So that's the deal. A free copy for a promise of an Amazon review. Let me know. I have a feeling you will be very grateful cause damn that Old Fart can write.


  1. I feel bad now...

    I've actually had the story for a week or so but haven't read it. Between the nightmare of 'the tooth from hell', no sleep and the heat, I haven't had a chance.

    I want to give it a fair reading so I'll wait a day or so until all the antibiotics are gone from the body and the mind is clear (well, as clear as it can be for me lol) and I will read it. I promise.

    Sorry it's taken so long...

    Does this revoke my 'mini-me'ness or my honourary 'old fart' status?


  2. You are always my mini-me, you mini-me.