Thursday, February 16, 2012

Farting Around

We have a new banner with many grateful thanks to Lea. <--- that's a link to Lea's blog, in case you're curious about the woman.

Lea isn't an old fart but only because she's still moderately young and her boobs haven't hit her knees. But she is an old friend of ours who we first met online during the infamous Sandwich Wars.

Although we were on opposite sides at that time, Lea a complete convert to the whole wheat and natural peanut butter thing and Carolyn and I thoroughly fighting for processed lunch meats, somehow we struck up a friendship that lasts to this day.

I'm not mentioning the fiasco of our attempted assassination of Sara Lee after getting a cheesecake with freezer burn. Who knew there were so many Sara Lee's in the US and none of them bakers.

Anyway, Lea is our doll and we love our new banner and one day her boobs will fall and she'll join us in old fartdom. Until then we just say thank you.


  1. I completely agree with everything Lori said re Lea. She IS a doll and I LOVE our new banner.

    MWAH Lea.


    Lori darlin', you need to edit your third paragraph. ASAP, if you please. Tir said so. ;-)

  2. Aww thanks guys, glad you like :)

    And I love y'all back too now, ya hear? (says me with best Southern accent).

    Thanks also for not mentioning the SL thing - I still ahve nightmares!

    Hugs y'all. MWAH!

  3. Lea... I got white bread and mayo. Hee hee.