Monday, February 13, 2012

Random Shee-it

Almost Valentines Day and so my daughter asked for an extremely violent video game as a V-Day present. Why not, say I?

I hope someone brings me chocolate. Nothing expensive, just milk chocolate. Yums.

I got called today while at work that my daughter was sick and needed to be picked up from school. So I did and brought her back to work with me. She was okay (by the end of the day it was definately time for her to pack it in) and she worked her ass off.

My boss should pay her for all she did today. She was amazing.

I'm reading a bunch of humorous paranormal and plan to write an intelligent blog post about that someday. But first I have to watch The Bachelor and see if the model bitch gets kicked off.

Carolyn's new book, song of Life, got a fabu review. Major love falling on it. It's really worth reading if you're getting tired of 3somes, 4somes and people doing it in weird ways. Just a nice love story with some mighty angst.

I'm reading a book about how to promote yourself as an e-author. I think I'll just offer cookies to people if they buy my book.

Did I mention The Bachelor? It gets worse. Survivor starts this week and I'm a major Survivor-ho.

(Carolyn's rolling her eyes heavenward right now.)


  1. Funny you should say your daughter wants a violent game for VDay... My middle kid (who is 10) calls anything romantic violence and kissing is the worst type of violence there is. She also calls VDay -Ugly Day, since so many people get all mushy and stuff... Gotta love girls!

  2. Bet if we had sons we'd be getting flowers.