Saturday, February 4, 2012

Discrimination is Alive and Well

I want to announce I will not be entering any of my books into the More Than Magic contest, run by Romance Writers Ink, a chapter of RWA.

Okay, the truth is I wasn't going to enter anyway, because I've never heard of these folks. It might be my loss, but somehow I don't think so.

You see, RWI took a big step backward and are busily discriminating against a certain genre of romance writers.

From Courtney Milan's blog:

Apparently, it’s possible for the MTM contest to get entrants’ books in the hands of diverse judges from multiple RWA chapters who are comfortable with all types of romances and heat levels. You can write M/F erotica. You can write M/M/F. You can write about aliens from another planet who have tentacles, or barbed sexual organs. You can write degrading rapes. None of those things are barred from entry in the More than Magic contest, and if you write them, they’ll try to find judges who are predisposed to like your books.

But they won’t do that if you write same sex romance–even if it’s a sweet romance with no sexual contact whatsoever. No–when it comes to same sex romance, the fact that they might be able to identify judges in their chapter or outside of it who would be willing to read same sex entries and judge them fairly somehow becomes irrelevant. In that instance, the majority gets to say that those entries don’t belong.

Courtney's solution? Hop on over there yourself and find out. She says it much better than I ever could. :-)

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