Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Open Letter to the A-Holes, Young and Not So Young

Dear creatures with dangly bits,

those of you who were at the Key Arena last night... and even those who weren't but whose behavior I might be commenting on,

I have a few things to say to you.

My daughter and I were anticipating the wrestling show for months. This was Mollie's gift from Santa and her chance to see one of her heroes live. Our seats were spectacular and we were buzzing with excitement. So were you, we could tell.

However, there were a few issues for us last night. Such as, that child. You know, the boy who might have been 8 or 9 years old who screeched with the power of a thousand jackals and usually right in my ear. The one that I asked to not screech into my ear. Yeah, the woman sitting next to my daughter asked also. She and her husband left early because of him, did you notice that?

I know you didn't care. You stated as much to me and to the other woman and her husband. You paid your money for seats and you had every right to act however you wanted. You might have been right because you continued to let the boy screech his inanities and you continued to bellow yours.

The only thing is that I paid my money too and I deserved a little respect or human decency. I didn't ask the child not to yell, just to sit back and do it from his seat instead of on his feet and in my ear. Of course had he done it the way I asked then he would have been annoying you. Better to have him annoying strangers.

I don't know how old the group of you were, I'm betting around 18 or thereabouts. You were jerks. Just want you to know.

And to the nice man sitting next to us: you were nice. What wasn't so nice was the amount of beer you drank and ultimately spilled. We had placed some things on the floor and well, they got ruined by beer. My daughter was a little upset.

Just because they sell beer, doesn't mean you have to drink so much of it. And if you must, perhaps let your wife hold it. She seemed nice and I doubt she would have ruined my daughter's signs.

And to the guy in our row who got upset about the man who had his son on his shoulders. Dude, really? Yes, they blocked your view but it was only for a few minutes. His little boy was probably only 5 years old. He couldn't see anything and his dad was giving hm a chance to see someone he probably loved.

You know, flying over the barrier and attacking the guy wasn't okay at all. His kid and wife was there. Hell, a lot of people were there. You manged to knock over a row of chairs, scare a lot of people, attack a man and his family and get kicked out (as well as get that other family kicked out too).

And your trying to hit the man's wife was one of the worst things I'd seen.

Which brings me to my last comment. We were at a televised wrestling event. A lot of testosterone in the air. Testosterone does not have to equal misogyny. Screaming at the women to shut up and let the men do their work. Congradulating your screechy little friend for his nasty gender screeches. Suggesting that any of the hot women wrestlers would ever give you a tumble (even I wouldn't and I'm a million hotness times removed from those women).

I know not all men are jerks or act like it at such events. But for you who did and especially those in the row behind us, I just wanted to say...



  1. 0_o

    And here's me thinking West Coast and COllingwood fans were feral!

    Sorry your night was ruined, especially for Mollie who loves her some 'rasslers'. It's a shame that people - men or women - feel they have the right to behave how they want, regardless, because they paid money for something.

    You would think that because they DID pay money (and usually quite a lot) that they'd want to pay attention and take in the atmosphere and event they're at. You can stay home and get pissed or yell all you like at the tele for free.

    Some people are just clueless and don't seem to be happy unless they can make those around them miserable. Jerks.

    Y'all should come down here to an AUssie rules game - they don't wear leotards but they rassle lol.


  2. There were some beautiful parts to the evening too. We saw a bunch of wrestlers that we love and we saw them close. I mean, Mollie saw Randy Orton in the flesh. How cool is that?

    And the professionals fighting were amazing. And Mollie got a signed picture of RKO and that's pretty awesome too.