Thursday, February 23, 2012

Recs Please

I lovelovelove books with cooking in them. Books where food matters and is described in loving detail. Where cooking matters and is described in loving detail. Whether romance, women's lit, non-fiction... it's a deep in my heart reading need.

I need more books of this type. Anyone? Please?


  1. I have one that I thought was perfect - then I read it.

    To be honest, it's not worth the price of sending it to you or I would have by now. It started off ok and there are a few funny bits but then it just gets beyond stupid.

    Things like barely being out of the womb but able to cook up a feast for the family and shit like that. Seriously.

    Some of the recipes are odd but sound ok and it makes me wonder if they are legit or not. Still, I won't go there.

    I think it came as a 'because u bought this, we'll give you that free' kind of thing. I can't imagine I paid for it - I hope not lol.

    Then again, it might be something you like so I don't know. You want I should type out a chapter for you and see if it's worth sending or not?

    Other than that, the only one I can think of off hand that I loved was 'Like water for chocolate'. Great story and recipes that made my tastebuds quiver at the very thought.

  2. Lea, if you didn't like it then I doubt I would. I've read soe wonderful non fiction like Julia Child and Anthony Bourdain and Jesine Bullock.

    In fiction there's been some classics but not so much contemp. I'd just love something where food is important and not just being used to be trendy.

  3. There was an historical I read a review on a few years ago. The heroine was a cook for a guy that died and his heir came and was from her past (heh). But I remembered the review said food figured largely. I just cant remember how. Nor can Iremember the title or any names, including the author's.

    Hope this helps. ;-D

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  5. Sounds good Carolyn, hope you remember lol. WOuld a random google choice with plot highlights help?

    I'll keep an eye out Lori. I haven't read a thing in over a month - too hot, too sick, too bored... I'm also editing that stupid story still but the minute I get my act together, I'll be sure to take notes about stuff I see and pass them on.

    You know, there is another option. Write one.


    Ok, I'm leaving...

  6. Did some googling and came up with this:

    Delicious by Sherry Thomas is the book I was thinking of earlier, I think. :-)

    Lea, hope you're feeling better. ♥

  7. Hey Lori - I was exploring the list and discovered the Kindle ebook of Delicious was only $3.99, so we now own it. *grin*

  8. 'Lord Endicott's Appetite' (not surprisingly) makes a feature of food. It was the first one of hers I read and it was a sweetly gentle story. It's an historical by Elisabeth Fairchild. I'd say her style is comparable to Carla Kelly's.

  9. Thanks Carolyn, doing a lot better thanks <3

    And that's a good list. I've saved to have a squizz at a bit later. Looks like there is something in there for everyone :D