Saturday, February 25, 2012

Smashwords Has Disappointed Me

And now my books are no longer available there.

PayPal has decided to come down on online book retailers and stop the sale of certain "pornographic" materials. Well, what they really have done is enforced their TOS and now they're telling the retailers, take down the objectionable content or you can't use us anymore.

PayPal has every right to do so.

Smashwords has agreed to take down the content and I disagree with their decision. They're choosing censorship as their best option and I can't get my head around that at all. because once they start dictating what they deem 'pornography', who's to say that they won't decide anything outside of one man/one woman isn't? In fact, isn't that the backlash we're seeing now in American politics?

I might not like certain types of stories and I wouldn't buy them or read them but I'd defend any adult's right to read or buy it for themselves. Smashwords apparently would not.

I cannot in good conscience keep my books on Smashwords while they allow PayPal to dictate their policy.

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  1. The only ebooks I buy are yours or Carolyn's and I have to get from Amazon as a dl, what with no kindle and all but I will boycott too.

    I'll even spread the word to people I know who do have kindle thingys.

    Every little bit helps, right?