Sunday, February 19, 2012

Make 'Em Laugh

I'm going through a funny paranormal glom right now. I've read 2 Linda Wisdom books and 2 Molly Harper books and I'm about to read another Molly Harper book... and I've discovered a few things about them.

Linda Wisdom is a better writer for a number of reasons. Molly Harper is a damn sight funnier but her books lack.

Linda Wisdom writes/wrote a number of books about a group of witches who have oodles of power, complicated love lives and stuff. The stuff is tightly plotted, involved and has funny stuff going on.

She is funny. Her witches are smart and smart asses, her romance is hot and her humor makes me smile.

Molly Harper, on the other hand, makes me laugh out loud. Now I do a lot of reading on the bus going to and from work and I unashamedly giggle, chortle and belly laugh while I read. Yet, her books feel emptier somehow.

I feel like Molly H. is missing something. In Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs, I thought she was missing a plot. (Seriously funny book with no real plot at all.) Naked Werewolf had plot but still felt lacking.

It's interesting to read and fun to compare how I feel about the authors after I'm done. I do know that I like both but Wisdom is becoming an auto-buy for me while Harper still isn't. Yet I do love the laughing out loud she offers.

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