Monday, February 27, 2012

The Shame Game

Over at Dear Author there's a thread that just won't die... almost 400 posts at this point I believe and it's the best example of the good and bad of blog discussion. Thankfully none of the women have come out and cursed at each other but a fella named Tom tried the paternal 'shame game' that didn't work.

I love the shame game. It's this thing that men do when they aren't right but want to shut down conversation. It's "you should be ashamed of yourself young lady..." It's the scolding and the admonishment and in Tom's case, calling the women harpies and saying they're beneath him.

Because he can't make them agree with him.

I'm pathetic. A little part of me squee'd when he tried it. He didn't get as trashed as I thought he should have but I loved seeing it and loved the few responses he got. And none of those responses were the ones he wanted.


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