Friday, February 17, 2012

Hi - It's Me!

It's me, Carolyn. Yes really. I finally found something to post about, but it still was Lori's idea, or at least she found it. But she didn't use it and so now she's lost it.

Got a link for y'all:

(Hopefully that'll work.)

Yes, y'all, it's another case of an author behaving badly. What I found so interesting in this particular one, is that readers are threatening the author with Dear Author, lol. (She doesn't care.)

Not going to say her name, because, unlike Lori, I don't want weirdos to find us. ;-)

Also,when did it become the fashion to turn fan fics into published novels? I've never been able to do it. That's not to say it can't be done, I don't claim to be perfect and maybe it was because my fan fics had four men in them. O.o

Anyway, just seemed like there's been some noise lately about published fan fics, none of it good and it sort of makes me want to prove them wrong. But hell, my non-fan fiction isn't blowing folks away, so I probably won't. :-)

God, I love the romance community! Never a dull day. :-)


  1. I love a good author acting like a ninny but I can't figure out who the person is that this fan fic is about. Is he a British Justin Beiber?

  2. He looks a bit Bieberish to me.
    I loved how her reviewers rallied to tick her off. Her response was a verbal foot stamping. Had to laugh.
    Won't be buying the book though.