Friday, May 6, 2011

Oh Lori!

What a pleasant surprise!!

You're so good to me. I truly am grateful, because my mouth was getting awfully dry. :-D

So - we're all here and almost ready to go. Except for TL, but her day will come. As she herself says:

Well, hell, I was a southern belle, wasn’t I? Southern belles had tough reputations—soft silk covering a spine of steel. Just look at Scarlett. She’d certainly had it worse than me and she managed and triumphed. Even if she did lose her man, something else we had in common. If Scarlett could do it, then by God, so could I.

“Tomorrow is another day,” I muttered, digging in my duffle for clean clothes. “And I’ll be a new woman. Strong. Tough. Oh lord, celibate.” My throat tightened. Used up before I was thirty, because I couldn’t imagine loving anyone but Rhett...Rafe!

Never miss a chance to display the goods, that's what I say. *grin*

Thank you again. Really, this nagging can get exhausting.


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