Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dear Lori

I lurve reading blogs. I love to read other's viewpoint and either rail at them from the safety of my computer room, or nod my head in sage agreement.

However, I have encountered a serious writing problem that pulls me out of the story - heh heh. The use of acronyms. I'm pulled up short in my reading and spend way too much time trying to figure them out.

So, I devised a system. I decided to apply my own definitions to well-used anronyms. *grin*

Wanna know what they are? Doesn't matter, I'm going to tell you anyway - you'll thank me, I'm sure.

Okay, the first one I know - IMO. That means In My Opinion, right? I always used to add to my posts, JMHO, which is Just My Humble Opinion. I stole it from a football board. Roll Tide!!

I can't read my writing on this next one, but I think it's IDK. Well hell, even I can figure that one out - I Don't Know, right? That would be a handy one for me, I'll have to remember that one.

Here we go then:

GBLT?? My interpretation = Great Big Love Triangle

TGTBT?? My Interpretation = Thank God To Be Tight. (Not that I'd know anything about that...)

JIC?? My interpretation = Just In Case. Hey, could that be what it really means? How smart am I! Jaunty Idealistic Cleft. You're right, I'm reaching.

MOC?? My interpretation = Moon Over Cirocco. Or maybe Men, that word I don't like that starts with a hard C. Perhaps - My Own C***?

YMMV?? My interpretation = Your Mother Moves Vibrators. Yappy Misbegotten Misogynist Virgin?

TBH?? My interpretation = Tired Brown Hair. The Brilliant Handyman? Oh, I know - The Babbling Hore. LMAO! Yes, I strained for that last one - how about The Babbling Hero(ine)?

OTT?? My interpretation = Obviously Truly Titillating.

LBT?? My interpretation = Lacking Brain Tissue. *nods head*

IRL?? My interpretation = I Rate Lovestories (sort of squished two words together there, sorry about that.)

I have to admit, it makes reading blogs much more interesting, if slightly less comprehensible. Gives the posts new meanings, even makes some posts more interesting.

So in support of complete idiocy I made up a few of my own, because that's how I think. I don't know how many opportunities there'll be to use them though. However, they occupied my mind when I didn't want to write.

TMT = Too Much Tongue

COL = Cock Too Long (is that ever a possibility?)

BSL = Boobs Sinking Lower

HNF = Heroines Never Fart

HNB = Heroes Never Belch

TBSBT = This Book Sucks Big Time (may be used for plotline or as a critique)

CIM = Cum Is Messy

Oh, I could go on and on. Thing is, there's not much chance to use them, as well as the fact that I'll forget them in about, oh say, two minutes.

Good thing I wrote some down. Never know when you can use an acronym. ;-)

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  1. We should put that on the side and make our two readers use it at least once in every