Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dear Carolyn,

Happy Mother's Day, hun. I know that for both of us this is kind of a blah day. But I also know that both of us being mother's know how important our choices are and have been for our children.

I really hope that Mollie looks back at her childhood and sees that not only was her mother there for her, but her mother didn't stop reaching for dreams and goals. I hope she can see that age is a number and not a limit. I hope she can see that dreams don't die.

I see myself in her so much. She's crazy funny and sometimes inappropriate as hell. (So me, I tear up in joy.) She's discovering her talent as an actress and the way she savors the humor and is delighting all around her ... well, I'd like to think she learned that at her mother's arthritic knee.

I loved my mother to distraction but she never had a focus or a passion for something. I think that had she loved something she might have had more to hang onto in life.

I hope that when Mollie becomes an old fart, she'll remember how her mother started getting published later in life. I hope she remembers my dreams coming true past the 40 mark (and that includes becoming her mother). I hope she remembers that my best friend was also reaching her dreams at the same time and the bond we share as woman friends also makes the joy double-fold.

I have a hell of a lot to be proud of as a mother. I have a hell of a lot still to do and enjoy. As do you.

Happy Mother's Day Carolyn. You have a lot of reason to be proud. And I love you to pieces.



  1. I was contemplating a Mother's Day post ... no, that's a lie. I wasn't.

    Good thing too, you said it much better than I ever could.

    Hope you find Mollie's card. ;-)

    Huggles, darlin'.

  2. Mollie hid my Mother's Day card in the hamster cage.

    I bought the card, by the way, and asked her to write a note.

    The note was her birthday wish list.

    I need a new child.

  3. What a wretch! Love it.

    Lovely sentiments too, Lori.