Monday, May 23, 2011

Dear Lori

Put down the keyboard, woman, and back away. You may not come back until your mind has cleared. No porn, darlin', we don't have time for it.

We have (once again) vowed to finish Letters from Greece. You remember - that little story we started two and a half years ago? The one that's undergone several incarnations? The one we can't manage to bring to a close so our heroines can have a HEA?

Time to get tough and for the tough to get going. *nods head* We're so close!

We don't got no time for the steenky porn! We got mountains to climb and oceans to sail and women to get laid! We got angsty romance to write!


PS: You did too write a threesome once. As a matter of fact, you wrote two threesomes. Happening at the same time. Shocked me to death, lol.

Ahhh - those were the days. :-)

1 comment:

  1. I do remember that two time 3some ages ago.

    I'm still formatting for the Kindle. Jeez, this is a crazy amount of work.