Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dear Lori

Over on DA they're having an in depth discussion on female ejaculation.

Okay, this has not been a burning question in my life. Neither was fisting or some of the other things I've learned since surfing the blogs. Btw, I appreciate you answering all my questions.

My father once told me - when my first son was born, in fact - that I'd now experienced everything a woman could. Nothing left. Oh boy, little did he know.

Now, I have nothing against female ejaculation. I've never experienced it. 'Tis said it intensifies the orgasm, but you know, even a little bitty, half hearted orgasm is pretty damn good. They say instead of clenching muscles, you should relax and push down as if urinating and you will ejaculate, if you practice enough. I know this because I was fascinated enough to Google and ended up with Oprah, who of course knows everything.

It seems the Skene glands are the culprit. Little pieces of prostate left over from man's creation, commonly known as the G spot. And the Skene glands encircle the female urethra, just as the prostate gland does the male. How the hell did I work for urologist all those years and not know this? Perhaps I'm just showing my age, because it seems there's been very little research done on this phenomena. It's not life threatening - no one's going to die if they don't experience an enhanced orgasm ... are they?

The thing is, I'm a woman of a certain age. I've had four pregnancies, various and sundry surgeries 'down there' and I still provide Poise with a large percentage of my income.

Why the hell would I want to push down?

Still, it's all very fascinating. Reminds me of that Oprah show where women were taking small amounts of testosterone to find their libidos. Now, that's a fine line! Lust without hirsuteness (is that a word?) Okay, lust without the hair. I wonder what it does to the little bitty prostate glands called Skenes? I bet it would double the distance.

On top of all that, I'm just plain lazy. Don't like the sound of the cleanup. I'll keep my retrograde ejaculation, thank you very much, it's much neater and saves the sheets.

Which reminds me, I used to think it would be quite the thing to have a partner with retrograde ejaculation. Many men ejaculate back into the bladder after prostate surgery and I thought their wives had it made. No mess. No need to get out of bed and make a bathroom run. It seemed the best of both worlds, so to speak.

Now I find out I've been retrograding all my life.

Live and learn. Ain't the internet a wonderful thing?

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  1. There's very little I'm not willing to talk about or share but I do think orgasms might be a tad bit personal.

    And I completely agree with you Carol, any orgasm is a good thing, whether it's a gusher or a polite one.