Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dear Carolyn,

Mea culpa. I made a dirty joke about your husband and you punished me by saying I had to get my ass over here and write a post. I know this isn't supposed to be punishment but well, good golly Miss Molly, I ain't got too much to say.

I've been reading so damned much lately but right now my reading is halted. I just can't find myself interested too much in reading.

Instead I'm in that wonderful place where the sun is out, the kitchen is seeing lots of cooking, I have plants everywhere and creativity and fertility is just taking over my life.Fertility or fecundity? At my age the only thing fertile about me is in my own multiplying waist-line. So ha!

Anyway, sunshine makes me happy. Makes me want to clean and cook and write and celebrate. It doesn't make me want to bury my head in a book really.

Although the writing is coming along very slowly and surely.

It's just spring spring spring. I love spring.

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  1. DH appreciated that joke. He takes pride in the fact he can completely ignore Viagra. :-D