Friday, May 27, 2011

Dear Lori

I have a terrible dilemma (is that how you spell it? it looks funny).

Anyway, I have caboodles of books on pre-order and my Kindle for PC has had a nervous breakdown. Although I have it set on sort "By Most Recent", it refuses to cooperate. Anything I download disappears into more than 600 books. 0_o

You are familiar, of course, with my memory.

Put these two facts together and what do you get? Unread books, that's what!

I have contacted Amazon. They were very quick to answer and suggested several things, all of which I tried. All of which failed. My Kindle for PC has developed a mind of its own.

I guess I shall have to check my Amazon account daily, because I have no idea when some of these books are being released. The only date shown is the order date; you have to go into each order to find the release date.


What, you may be wondering, are the books I've pre-ordered?

Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh (and her publishers ought to be horse-whipped for the price they put on this book! So should I for getting it, I reckon. But anyway I digress - that's a whole other post.

Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews. Yum. Did you know this writing duo is putting up self pubbed novellas on Amazon and other places?

Hexed, an anthology which I'm getting for the Ilona Andrews story therein.

Just Like Heaven by Julia Quinn, because I've always wanted to know more about the Smythe girls, lol.

Storm's Heart by Thea Harrison, the followup book to Dragon Bound. Its release date is far enough in the future I'll probably forget all about it.

Freaks by Tess Gerritson, a Kindle freebie. I know I won't remember this one!

The Secrets She Can't Hide by India Grey. I think I liked the review over at DA and so pre-ordered it. Another one I won't remember.

Sugar B's Back In Town by Lori Green. Okay, that's a lie, I didn't pre-order it because I can't. That's the only reason why. But Lyrical will get it on Amazon sooner rather than later and I will be waiting to pounce. This one I won't forget!

We need some damn emoticons here. Something that would indicate my complete disgust with my Kindle PC and myself. Computers are supposed to make a person's life easier; how come I end up using much more paper? LOL.

What books are you looking forward to, if any?


  1. Carolyn darling,

    you have 600+ books. I winnowed mine down to ones I think I want to read and I'm still narrowing it down.

    My suggestion to you dear is to stop buying books.

    As far as what I look forward to releasing: I don't pay attention. When it comes out and the reviews start humming, then I pay attention.

    We have now found something else we disagree on.