Monday, February 7, 2011

Dear Lori

You know it takes me an average of two years to write a novel. I'm afraid March is out of the question since I seem to have the winter blahs and not a whole lot is catching my interest. Damn and double damn.

However, your Eloisa James book, When Beauty Tamed the Beast most certainly did.

What a great book. I bonded with both characters, but I particularly liked Linnet. She was perfect for her Beast. I grew fond of Sébastien too. What is it about men named Sébastien or Sebastian? They just absolutely charm the socks (and perhaps other articles of clothing) off a girl. I wouldn't mind reading a book about this Séb. ♥

Did you know we have a novella by Ms James in our Kindle account? It's called Storming the Castle. It may be based on a fairytale too, but which particular one escapes me at the moment. You should read it and let me know. I'm totally onboard re getting her backlist.

I'm venturing into Meljean Brook's Guardian series. They're not all in ebook form though, that's a bummer because I just can't rationalize bringing another book into this house; I'm tripping over piles of books as it is and the attic is full. I read the novella Blind Spot in the anthology Must Love Hellhounds (a really great anthology, btw, with stories by Brook, Nalini Singh and Ilona Andrews! Oh, and Charlene Harris, but I don't care for ...Sukie, is it?). Anyway, that led me to Demon Moon which is available as an ebook and which I've had for some time and which I'm now ready to read. Secondary characters from the novella are front and center in this one. I can't believe I forgot I had it!

Kindle should really look into getting a decent bookshelf!

Somewhere in amongst all this, I will work on the WIP. Sort of. A sentence a day keeps ... never mind. Spring will have sprunged one day and hopefully so will inspiration.:-) Meantime I'll huddle in front of my heater.

Need to find me another Sebastian. I really, really like these guys.


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