Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dear Lori

It's cold as hell here in the once sunny south. I've heard rumors of sleet and ice tonight and I hope that's all they are - rumors.

It's gray and dull and did I mention cold? The weather center insists it's 40ยบ but I think they're lying through their teeth, it's got to be in the 20's! That's what it feels like anyway and with the wind .... brrrr.

I wanted to congratulate you and give you a big hug. You are now a multi-pub'd author. How kewl is that?

There's a couple of kerfluffles going on in blogland: one at Smart Bitches re triggers and feminism, and one at DA about piracy. Hey! Should we try to find out if you've been pirated??

Think we'll get pizza in tonight, I'm not feeling the lurve. Perhaps I should dress up like TL and saunter into the living room, lol. Hmm - wonder if anyone would notice? Probably not, after all we do visit WalMart, I'd blend right in.

Can't wait til Saturday, I'm flexing my writing muskles.

Love ya,


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