Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dear Carolyn,

Happy Valentines Day.

I went to Amazon to buy a few books for our Kindle account (yes to anyone who isn't us: we share an Amazon Kindle account so we can share books) and saw that you had already bought one of the books on my list. So Happy Valentine's Day to me!

I got the first Happily Ever After book by Eloisa James, A Duke of Her Own. I just have loved what little I've read of hers so far and want to read much more. I love her heart and humor.

I also picked us up a chick-lit book with cooking and romance. I love books with cooking. Wish to hell I could write one.

I had a lovely weekend. Mollie was busy all weekend and left me to my own devices. I had a girl's day with Erica which was awesome. We drove out to Duval and went to an antique mall. A hell of a lot of crap to be sure but there was a lot of beautiful stuff. I bought only a lamp set and a footstool but I'd love to go back and browse again.

We also went out to lunch and it was the most adorable cafe with the most delicious burger. I'm such a sucker for a delicious burger. Is there anything better than a big beef patty with melty cheese, yummy sauce and a good bun? Oh goodness. I think I'd celebrate a Hamburger Day before Valentines. Think Hallmark might make a card for that?

Anyway, the kitten is inside my shirt sleeping and I have to convince Mollie to go to bed. I didn't write very much but at least I did some writing.

Hope you wake up to something sweet. Happy Heart day sweetheart.


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  1. Ohhh - new books! ♥

    And I have chocolate at work. *grin*

    Best Valentine Day I've ever had.

    Hope you get lots of kisses, darlin'.