Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dear Friends

Dear Friends,

we realized that we were approaching our year blog-aversary and we weren't enjoying what we were doing. We entered into this with a wish to have a writer's blog because it seems to be the rule that to be a writer you have to blog, Twitter, Facebook and be socially media savvy.

It wasn't fun.

A year later we recognized that we don't like pushing our work in front of others. We don't like reviewing books, telling other people how to write when we're learning still and we have nothing to say that's relevant to anyone but ourselves.

So we've gone over to wordpress and we're making simple pages to promote the writing. And Old Farts is quitting being Two Old Farts Talking Romance and is now going to reflect who we are and like being: Two Best Friends Talking About Everything.

We don't really care too much about being interesting or funny anymore. We want to talk to each other and if there are interested friends who want to join us, well, the conversation is open to all.

Thank you for a fun year. And thanks for the support.

And kisses, hugs and cuddles. Take care.

These two old farts are out.

1 comment:

  1. Well, I'm not interesting but I'll hang around and have coffee and lamington's wiht y'all.

    Does this mean I can't call you old farts anymore?