Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dear Carolyn,

It's so strange to think of you in Alabama being cold and rained on and here in Seattle we've had cold but clear, sunny days. For some strange reason, our weather is acting like a 40 degree springtime.

Mollie is suffering with homework right now and I'm trying to concentrate on writing. My mind is everywhere else currently. Writing is so hard when it's hard. The idea for this story is really simple and should be a walk in the park to write but I just want to do anything but write.

I'm a lazy sack.

I think it's hard to motivate right now because work is sucking and I want so much to change jobs. The idea of remaining in my current situation is painful. I need to move soon for my own sanity. I spend way too much time planning ways to get fired so I can leave. That's just not healthy.

And I want to be home right now. I want to sit on my new chair and read a Kindle book and enjoy my home and my life.

I created a writing space and everything to motivate myself. See how well I'm doing?

Let me try some more. My Latina heroine is about to throw some peppers in a pot and make a spell that's sure to backfire on her. I do so love a good spell with unexpected results. Hope there's a reader out there who loves it too.


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