Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dear Lori

Here I am back again and so soon!

David's moving; they sold the house he was renting right out from under him. Told him yesterday they wanted him out by tomorrow and since it was an unoffical agreement between friends, there's not a whole lot he can do about it. Except move out as quickly as he can.

I found him a storage place to store his furniture until he finds somthing else to rent. He finalized that deal this morning and he's rented a truck and shanghaied his father and they're moving appliances and furniture even as I type.

I haven't seen John so active for months. David may be pissed but it's doing his father good. Made him forget why he's been so depressed.

They'll load up the truck and come here for a nice, hot supper. Meatloaf, mashed taters and baked beans. Hearty and comforting. They'll have earned it.

So, David's moving in again, lol.

To all those sweet young things that may stumble across this post - beware and be careful. Kids are yours for life, it doesn't stop just because they hit a legal age, Be very sure you are capable of a lifetime responsibility, because shit does happen, even to those who think they're well prepared for life.

Oh my goodness, I went and got profound! I do apologize, darlin'.




  1. I always put green pepper in my meatloaf and one of my sons who is older that your son has been unemployed for too long a time and I don't have a way to cheer him up or to promise better days ahead, This "Mom" business can give you gray hair, wrinkles and a few extra chins from comforting yourself with chocolate. MJ

  2. Dinner sounds good. Although I'm so glad that David got John to haul ass.

    I think sometimes that having a husband is more work than having a child. I know for most people that isn't necessarily a lifetime commitment but for you it is.

    It's easier to have Mollie than to have John ;-)