Friday, February 11, 2011

Dear Lori

Got a letter from Michael today. He's so lonely, with absolutely nothing to read. So I had this idea. I wonder if I could do a serial story and put it in my letters. I wonder if that would be okay. I've sent out emails to family members soliciting letters for him. I hope some, at least, will respond.

You know how much I love Meljean Brook's new series. Love it! So why can't I get into her Guardian series? I enjoyed the short story I mentioned before and I thought I'd lap up Colin's book. But I'm not. There's much more of Caelum and Chaos and Hell in this book, maybe that's why. I just don't know, but I shall perservere. There must be a reason these books are so popular.

Got the new edits for Lady Bea, some of which have me scratching my head. I'll tell you, the more I read this thing, the sappier it sounds! Pretty soon it'll be reduced to "See Dick run. Run Dick, run." Now that I look at that sentence, it might not be too bad for a romance .... keep your dick - run! Nah. Maybe a suspense thriller though.

Did I ever tell you I started the Bow Street series by Lisa Kleypas? Well, I did. Gift cards were intended to be spent, right? And that's what I did, lol. I got the Mary Stewart Merlin bundle, the Kleypas, First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones, Archangel's Consort by Nalini Singh - oh, I can't remember what all I bought. I intend to enjoy every one of them too.

The car's leaking something. It goes to the car doctor Monday. I tremble in fear.

And last, but certainly not least - it's TGIF!! At last! My gratitude to whoever created weekends.


  1. Carolyn, let me know what you think of the 'Merlin' series. I have the first 3 of the trilogy (seems there are two more that are sort of part of it but not really...)

    I'd be interested to know what you thought.


  2. I read the series years ago Lea. I have the books in hardback, but my hands aren't as strong anymore and I find it uncomfortable.

    Finding the first four books in e-format for only $9.99 was a great deal because these are fairly long books. I look forward to rereading them. I mainly remember The Crystal Cave, that was one good book. Stewart's interpretation made sense and I totally bought into it.

    Hope you enjoy them as much as I did. :-)

  3. I did enjoy them :D

    took forever to read - thick books small font - and I never thought I would reach the end but the minute I finished the first one I had to continue.

    I love all that mythical castly type stuff - wish I could write it as well as read it. Still, I'll leave it to the experts lol