Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dear Lori

I hope you will write, because you know I love to read.

And speaking of reading, I have a recommendation for you. A freebie from Amazon that is turning out to be a little gem. I'm not too far into it yet, but I think I can safely say it'll be finished.

It's called The Portrait by Megan Chance. The hero, Jonas, is a very talented artist. He is also bipolar. The real deal.

The heroine, Immogen, is struggling with an inferiority complex and feelings of inadequacy, due to her parents distancing themselves from her while embracing in every way her talented sister, Chloe. Chloe died and Immogen thinks that if she can learn to paint as well as her sister, her father will come to love her too. So she's taking lessons from Jonas, who feels he was blackmailed by Immogen's godfather to take her on. He therefore treats her like dirt. *pauses to take a breath*

She has a spine though. I'm at the part where she's learning some things about Jonas' past from another student.

This book is very different - so far. Why, the hero even had standup sex with a tart after he'd met the heroine! I want to see how the author creates a HEA or HFN out of this situation. You have to admit, these two people have a lot of problems to overcome.

I love character-driven books. Of course, I also love action stuff too. I guess it just all depends on the mood I'm in. This books strikes a little close to home for me; I'm straining for a HEA!

Hope you'll give it a try between your bouts of writing. *grin*



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