Friday, February 18, 2011

Dear Carolyn,

I seem to be on a contemporary, chick-lit glom right now. I think it matches my current mood and life.

Are we what we read?

The book you got that you said I'd like, Life From Scratch, is pretty good. It's a good choice after The Love Goddess Cooking School. I'm really enjoying these woman driven stories with a touch of cooking and female growth. I think you're right that the difference between chick-lit and romance is that the chicks are about the heroine's journey where romance is a part but not the center and romance has the lurve asthe core of the story.

I like me some romance but I love me the chickies.

I'm really looking frward to either next pay day or deposit of my tax refund check. Our Kindle account is going to have many added books and all will have to do with food somehow. I expect you'll forgive me. You might even read one or two and enjoy them. But I have a list going and it lengthens by the day.

One annoyance though. A book I've been wanting to get: The School of Essential Ingredients is $12.99 for Kindle edition and about $5.00 for paperback. I don't get it. And I haven't gotten it. In either form. This agency pricing is driving me bat-shit.

Well it's cold as a witches tit today (I question that analogy) and my boy Clark is coming over tonight. I'm thinking of my Mother's tuna casserole (comfort food), a fire (comfort) and something chocolate. Doesn't that sound like a perfect menu for loads of conversation, laughter and life changing fun?


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