Monday, February 21, 2011

Dear Lori

Nothing much has pissed me off lately so I'm sort of in a vacuum as to what to write.

Not that I need to be pissed off to write you! No, no, never think that! But, as you know, I have no life outside writing and the internet, so if nothing is brewing and the muse is AWOL, well ... *shrugs*

I could talk about our individual series. I could, but since I haven't seen yours, I won't. And mine isn't a series. You might could call it a duology, but I wouldn't. I mean, all the two books have in common is an old house. And it's not even a main character!

You reckon I'll ever finish either of them? You reckon you'll finish yours? Since you sold the first one, I bet you will. Me? I pick and prod and occasionally add sentences. I think the whole thing might go faster if I had a plot, lol.

It will be interesting to see which is finished first, the books or me. ;-)

And on another note, I found another blog, you might want to check it out and add to the sidebar. Or not.

Hope you enjoyed your day off. Hope you enjoy your day off tomorrow.


But I love you anyway.


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