Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Word Game

Gah!!  I've discovered the worst thing about following shit loads of writers on social media is the freaking word count whores. I'm not going to mention names but they're out there every weekend bragging on their 7,000 words written in one afternoon or 23,000 words written over a weekend when I'm lucky to get 500 words sometimes.

I think the most I've ever written in one day has been under 3000 and that was a rare day indeed.

My middle finger is up in salute to them.


  1. Lordy, at first I thought you were talking about Words with Friends, and I prepared myself to have my feelings hurt.

    But hell, you're producing three times the word count than I am (is that correct English?) and you know what? Doesn't bother me at all. :-)

    The problem is not your word count, but your twittering. You need to line up more interesting folks to follow, you know, people with wit and humor, who can talk about interesting things. Humble people, who would never condescend to boost or whine.

    Or do like me - ignore them all by your absence.

    There now, I fixed everything. *grin*

    And I think I'm gonna get a Gibbs slap.

  2. Um - that's boast, not boost.

  3. Gibbs slap... I haven't heard that in a while lol. I'll protect ya Carolyn :D

    As for word counts, I'm sure I write 3000 words a day with only about 200 to show for it. That's because I spend all the time backspacing and retyping as I can't spell hte properly...

    I hear you though Lori. No-one likes a bragger. An as Carolyn said, you out-word me (and betterer) so pfft to those other people.

    Did they ever stop to think about quality and not quantity? Sure, they have 3000 words but if they're shit, then what's the point? I'd rather read 200 well wound together words than a whole lot of tripe that tells me nothing.

    If that makes sense.

    Ok, I'm off to practise my hte's. I mean the's. Sigh...