Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Book of the Month

I keep forgetting I have a book coming out next month. Here, have another look and a link. :-)


May 12, to be exact.

And Lori - her book The Stone Crow is releasing June 18th. Yessss!


And finally, there's Letters from Greece, a book written by both of us and one that's close to our hearts. Letters is releasing July 9th. Btw, the word count is 70,000, not 39,000; trying to get that fixed.


We're a regular book of the month club. Here, have another open mouthed cover, lol.

The thing is, there's nothing after this for me. Lori is working on a wonderful contemporary, but I'm empty of words. Probably because a good many of them have run away. *grin* Sleeping is my main activity these days when I'm not at work and ideas that grab me are scarce as hen's teeth.

Lori and I are working on a paranormal on and off. More off, I'm sad to say. I need to stay in the story because I lose the 'voice' of the characters when I take an extended leave of absence.

But then, that's how we wrote Greece and somehow it got finished. Only took three years. 0.o

So, I don't despair, not yet. But I do wish it could all be fresh and exciting again, the words pouring out as they did back in the day; it was really cool. It was really special.

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  1. Oh, a fangirl is so proud, *sniff,sniff*


    Seriously, it's the two of you who inspire me to still think about writing, especially when writer's block and other incidentals give me pause and make me wonder why bother.

    Sorry you're at an 'inbetween' time Carolyn. You know, I had a thought (shocker, I know lol) the other day about a story. You might not want to borrow it but maybe if I run it past you to see if it's ok, it might inspire you? Just a thought.

    Now, where is that calendar of mine, I got me some dates to note...

    Mwah to you both!!