Thursday, April 26, 2012

Let the Story Do the Talking

I'm having a wonderful time with my newest WIP (work in progress). It's not writing as fast as I wish but then my strange need to play agame of Free Cell after every 50 - 100 words might have something to do with it. Also the fact that my daughter needs help with her homework, someone has to do the dishes and Survivor is on and I never miss Survivor (sorry Lea, my addiction is not a reflection of anything but my addiction to that one show).

However, the one thing I'm adoring about this book is that it has a story to tell and it's telling it the way it should be told. Does that make any sense? Well probably not put that way.

I do realize that I'm writing the story and it's not some strange automatic writing through spirit or whatever. Considering the amount of editing going on, the automatic writing would be very welcome on this story.

But the thing is... the story has a rhythm in a sense, a map of sorts to get from point a (boy meets girl) to point z (boy and girl in love and happy). So as I write, things suddenly seem very clear in the progression 'why look, here's where the brother shows up' to the sudden ''I think they're about to make love' and it feels like the story is making the decisions and not me.

I was trying to get a sense why it felt that way and thought that perhaps its because I've read so many books and the rhythm of the stories have made their way into my writer's conscience. So the natural flow of the story is just that: natural.

It's one of the first times I've ever had a story that needs so little telling because it has the path of how to be told. I love love love writing it.

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  1. That's excellent news. Looking forward to reading it :) Unless of course you get stuck in to freecell lol. (my addiction is a HO game or Cradle of Egypt...)

    and don't stress the Survivor thing. I was like that with Lost. You can't help but love what you love, right?

    Once you're done with it maybe you can pass on some hints about the natural flow. Then again, maybe it's the story idea that needs to be right before there can be a natural flow...

    Good luck with it all the same :)