Saturday, April 28, 2012

Talking Romance

Our banner reads in part "Talking Romance", so let's talk some Romance.

I've been pondering why I turned to reading romances, other than the guaranteed HEA, and I've decided it's for the heroes. Romance heroes know all about the BIG GESTURE. Or even the small gesture. They routinely do things that would have a modern day, real life male going "WTF, you're kidding, right?"

I always turn to romance books when I want the BIG GESTURE - Christian in Flowers from the Storm anyone? Battling his body's weaknesses to fight for the woman he loves -  I come all over funny as the saying goes everytime I read it and just melt.

And at the other end of the pendulum - Curran in the Magic books feeding his potential mate and all the meaning behind it. Doesn't matter that Kate's furious because I know that deep down inside she's entranced and fascinated and well on her way to falling in love.

So, I've made a partial list of real life romantic gestures that might go unnoticed in all the hurly burly of day to day living. They might not even be considered romantic. They're mostly all small gestures, but then it's not the size of the gesture that counts. Heh.

* If he fills up your car unasked because he knows the pumps hate you ... he might be a romantic.

* If he eats peas you've sugared instead of salted without complaint ... he might be a romantic.

* If he listens to you vent about your horrible day, then hugs you and takes you to bed ... he might be a romantic.

* If he rubs your back or feet without being asked ... he might be a romantic (and hoping to get lucky too, lol).

* If he's a good husband, father and lover and follows the 'look but never touch' rule ... he might be a romantic. He for sure has his priorities straight.

My brain is stretched. Or perhaps that's empty. Can you all think of any others? Some of these have happened to me, the rest I made up. But I want to make it plain: I have never sugared any peas!


  1. My husband tries to take on everything for me -- too much, really, he spoils me. But when he told me that we would take over my ghastly pregnancy for me if he could, I knew he really meant it. :-)

  2. When he listens is exactly it. A man who listens and truly hears what you're saying... that's it.

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  4. I never really thought about it before but I can see what you maen Carolyn. I've only just sorta kinda started to read 'romance' but even in the books that I do read, I find there are some parts of the hero's character that make me swoon and tingly.

    Here's a couple of things I think might work here...

    He might be romantic when after he 'catches and disposes' of that wee little mouse because you hate them and yet doesn't make a big thing of you being a girly girl.

    He might also be romantic if he leaves the toilet seat down and even replaces the empty roll without being asked.

    ps - sugared peas lol. you could chocolate coat those little suckers and I'd still refuse to eat 'em... blech!!!

  5. If he gives you the right gift just because...he might be a romantic.

    If he reads romances with you and discusses them with you and even reviews them with you...he might be a romantic.

  6. AztecLady - yes! My husband gave me a Nook Touch for our anniversary, we read some romances together and he proofreads my KKB book reviews for me. :-)