Thursday, April 12, 2012


I've become appallingly boring lately.

Lori's tied up with her new WIP and we've both been literally tied up with galleys and deadlines with Letters from Greece.

I need her to lead me into trouble again. Oh, yes, it's all her fault. Always. :-)

Most of the time, I'm a willing follower, but sometimes not. That's when she gets a firm hold of my ear (not so easy to do if you stand only...well, I promised never to tell, but she can look my navel in the eye) and threatens me bodily harm, particularly in the region of my ass. I'm never quite sure exactly what she means by those vague butt threats; there are a number of things that can be done to asses, but she never elaborates. Having a rather remarkable imagination, I usually fall into line relatively quickly.

However, complaining is expected and diligently applied.

It's been awhile since she's hauled me, kicking and protesting vociferously, into the future. I've got a feeling my time is up again.

Okay, I've changed my mind and I need your help. Y'all need to talk her into finishing her book before she begins to finish me. I find 'boring' to be sort of peaceful and I get lots and lots of sleep. :-)

'Night, y'all and thank you.

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  1. **yawning and wiping sleep from eyes**

    Why, what's this?

    Oh dear.

    Time to put my thinking cap on.