Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Falling in Love Again

It's been so long since I felt this way. The fluttering feelings of excitement at the thought of him. The wish to spend more time with him. To know him better. To get inside his head and his heart.

It's a shame he's fictional and I'm writing him.

Years and years ago when I first started writing I fell in love with a character and I swear it was the best relationship I'd ever been in. I found him swoon-worthy and loved writing him and creating worlds around him. Nothing there was publishable but it was a good feeling and I've missed it.

I've written characters since but none have given me the same rush of feeling. Until now.

I don't know why this character is so delightful to me. He's pretty standard romantically and he doesn't sport a 16 inch tongue or 20 inch penis. He's not a mega-billionaire and he doesn't have a drop of Latin blood in him.

But he's exciting to me and I love writing him.I like how he's crazy about the heroine. I like that he's not really handsome and his body is too developed. I like his intensity and the fact that as much as he desires a woman, he's refusing to take advantage of her.

I love writing this guy. I look forward to returning to him daily and spending more time with him.

This is the best of the best when it comes to writing for me.

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  1. Does he have a brother?


    ps - thanks for the followup button coming back :D