Friday, April 6, 2012

Random Friday Shit

I'm over at the Lyrical Press blog today talking about writing with Carolyn. Lyrical Press Blog

We're working on edits for Letters From Greece and I realized that one of the great things that's happened with writing this story and all we've done with it is that we've learned so much. From all the rewriting, the different editors who have given feedback and now even in the last edits: this story has been a learning curve all its own.

Other things going on... there was a kerfluffle with the gayer than you group on one or two blogs. Which leads me to a question: when a woman says she's trans and identifies as a gay man, what exactly does that mean? If she identifies as a man then does she have vaginal sex? And if so, would that be then kinda pretty much as just saying she's a woman who likes to wear comfortable shoes?

I'm lumping all this stuff as silly shit at this point.

Kids are on spring break so today I have two mini WWE wrestlers in the house.

Writing on the new book is going well.

And dare I mention that a week ago exactly I had a terrible day and came home to a Kindle Fire? Day was suddenly blooming in sunshine and roses. And it was all the cause of a very generous, loving friend.

By the way, the Fire is fucking amazing.


  1. I certainly am glad you amplified that 'talking with Carolyn' bit for me, because I wasn't aware I was there. 0.o

    Now, can you tell me why Blogger logs me out? I can't make sense of those damn letters.

  2. Umm, your kindle was on fire and you're happy? ohhhkay...


    I can set fire to other stuff if you like, no dramas at all lol.

    Glag y'all are having fun and can't wiat for Greece to finally come out. Don't forget, I get first autographed copy :D