Monday, April 9, 2012


We have a great publisher, one who takes care of her writers and makes every effort to help the books sell.

Renee Rocco received less than enthusiastic responses from reviewers regarding the original cover for Letters from Greece, so she made us a new one. :-D

We have to remember, we're writing for a romance publisher and the covers don't have to be classy - lusty is more like it, lol. I think Renee accomplished both those objectives with this new cover.

I can't believe I beat Lori to the punch!

Anyway - what do you all think of it?


  1. Still waiting ofr my personally signed copy...


    Seriously, love it but then I loved the other one too. I can understand though the need for a change though. Seems people do judge by covers...


  2. ps - sorry about the double 'thoughs'. I can't read.

    bugger it.

  3. I just wish they looked like they knew how to kiss.

    Close your mouth dammit!!!!

  4. ROFLMAO!!

    now that you mention it, it's like they're trying to suck the lifeforce out of each other lol.

    What kind of story is it again?


  5. She looks like she's giving the poor little Greek lad mouth to mouth. Oh wait, he's blond!

    I understand that white steps on their own don't suggest romance, but I'm not sure the balance is right here.

    Ok Ok. It's a lovely cover. It's classy and it's elegant. It should sell a shitload.


  6. It's a little more open-mouthed than I personally like, but very attractive. The guy reminds me of Spike from Buffy and there's not thing wrong with that!