Friday, April 20, 2012

Random Friday Nonsense

1. Have you ever had sex in a swimming pool? I've had sex in a hot tub and that was no big whoop but I'm writing pool sex right now and I'm not sure it's really do-able. Any ideas?

2. A group I belong to is on a rant about Dear Author and their mean reviews. I don't think they're mean but then again I'm a snarky bitch. Does anyone out there find them especially mean?

3. I'm writing a book and my libido is starting to go into overdrive. I wonder if writing and menopause should be banned from being experienced together.

4.  I've stopped cooking. Quel horror. Someone send me a new recipe I must try!

5.  I lost my thumb drive (he was in the shape of a ninja and I called him my ninja drive). I had one novella on there that I have nowhere else. I feel fucked. And not in the good, gonna do it in a pool with my hero kind of way.

6.  Hi Lea ::waving::


  1. Hi Lori ""waving back"" :D

    Hmm, let's see...

    1. Not yet but came close - boom boom lol. I did try to write it once but it's the kind of z grade writing you wouldn't use to line a cocky cage.

    How about putting them in the shallow end - I've seen it done in movies where they're in the middle of a pool treading water. Makes me wonder who they're standing on to get something to thrust off lol.

    How about in the little jacuzzi part of a pool - the warm up area? Maybe they could heat up in there and then have to dive in to the pool to cool off. Or not lol. Like I say, no idea.

    Good luck!

    2. I haven't really read any so can't help here either I'm afraid. Are they being bitchy for bitchy sake or are they offering 'critique' that sounds like bitchiness?

    People submit to these site because they obviously want the feedback (not me, I'm a gutless wonder :D ) so they have to expect taht it's not going to be all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. It's what helps the writer to grow and improve.

    But on the flip side, you also get the people who will be snarky just for the fact that they can. It could also come down to what one person finds bitchy that someone else doesn't. Believe me, I found out the hard way about that.

    I guess if there are a group of you that all feel this way, there has to be something in it. I'd have to read a few and see what you mean. Let me get back to ya :)

    3. How about writing about refrigeration, the Antartic, penguins - anything to keep your mind off the hot flushes hehehe. I'm not there yet so have no sage offer to advice I'm afraid. Damn, but I haven't been of any help so far!

    4. OOh, I can help with this one :D I just saw a recipe for a quick and easy 'ice-cream' kind of dessert that takes like 15 mins to construct. Let me look for it for ya. I'm gonna try, if I can find Panetone before Christmas lol. If I can't find this recipe I have some others... check your email in a bit :D

    5. OMG!! Crap crap crap... So sorry babe. As someone who lost soemthing similar I feel for ya. I'll send Pippin up to help locate. I hope you find it soon. I'll send good thoughts too.

    6. Bye Lori ::blowing a kiss::

  2. Hello everyone. Waves madly.

    Gotta say that sex in a swimming pool - and on the beach for that matter - both sound a lot sexier than they really are. All I've got to add is no one seems to consider the downside eg. 1) loss of natural lubrication and 2)sand gets EVERYwhere.

    I agree with Lea that the depth of the pool is pretty important, so I would suggest foreplay in the water and sex at the waters edge. (shades of a water-hole story anyone?)

    2 Will pop over to DA and check them out. I usually prefer the Smart Bitches site to DA. They seem a bit less serious - unless they find an ass-hat they want to crucify (or google bomb) him or her.

    3 God I hope you find your Ninja drive. I'd be gutted to lose a whole story. (note to self - save WIP EVERYwhere: work, hotmail, external hard drive etc.

    Thanks for commenting on my news over at my blog, Lori. It's a good idea of yours to catch up on my Diva mates while I'm on the road. I'll have to see who's about.


  3. If I'm not too late to the pool party:

    Experience has shown that the chlorine in a pool plays total havoc with any lubrication, natural and/or applied. If your heroine is of a certain age, that makes things twice as uncomfortable.

    Let's not forget the resulting wave action, too. How much noise can your characters make? I'm assuming an outside pool and the possibility of neighbors. Even without neighbors, the waves start to get a little silly.

    Well, haven't I just rained on the parade?

    Ultimately, my 20-something self thought it was fun, but more work than expected. My nearly 60-something self would just roll her eyes and pick up a good book.