Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wild Man by Kristen Ashley

This is my version of a book review which means it sucks balls as a book review...

I'm not a Kristen Ashley fan girl, at least not yet. The possibilities exist but I have a feeling she's going to be a hit or miss author for me. I say that because I've only read 2 of her books and one worked, one didn't and it was kind of the same.

Wild Man is the story of Brock and Tess. We meet them after they've been dating for 4 months and had sex for the first time. It turns out that Brock met Tess under false pretenses, he's a police detective and working to put away her ex-husband, a major drug lord.

Anyway.... it's another 1st person POV which I don't mind. And Tess and Brock were a lot more enjoyable to me than Motorcycle Man's Tack and Tyra (the only other Ashley book I've read).

Tack always skirted the edge of being abusive and I didn't like it. Brock doesn't. Score one for Brock!

The sex is dirty in both books (which I loved. I can't write dirty sex and I apreciate that Ms. Ashley writes really appealing dirty sex.) Howevs, Tack is awesome nasty and Brock was great sex but not as nasty. Score one for Tack!

Both men have terrible ex-wives. Both have kids. Brock has family issues which didn't ring true (sorry, but they were unnecessary to the plot).

In both books the heroine is kidnapped and there is where the biggest and baddest differences popped up. To wit: in Motorcycle Man, the book is 1st person POV until the moment that matters when Tyra is kidnapped by the Russian Mafia and ::super spoiler:: gets stabbed. That isn't described at all.

In fact, during this super important scene, she switched POV and suddenly is talking about other couples that the reader (at least this reader) didn't even know. And Tyra got freaking stabbed (!!!!) and it wasn't described (!!!????!!!!) I mean, Tyra could go on for pages about how Tack picked his nose but her own almost death didn't get any kind of play. Say what?

In Wild Man, Tess gets kidnapped by a rapist and not only does the story stay there but unlike the Mary-Sue-ization of Tyra, Tess fights back. It was one of the best things I've read in that when the rapist tells her to take off her clothes, she says no. No. Her attitude is that she might become a victim but she won't assist him in making her one. And she fought. Bless her heart, she fought and it rocked.

Score 100,000,000 for Tess!!

The thing is that the stories are so freaking similar. I think there are 4 or 5 books in the series and no doubt they're all the same. I wouldn't bother to read more in the series because I don't think I'd like them much. But... I enjoyed Wild Man. I liked hero and heroine. Unlike Motorcycle Man, I didn't keep feeling like the story should have ended long before it did.

And the heroine was just a million times more kick ass.

We have another book or two by Ashley in our Kindles that I'm going to try. But I don't expect to go on Goodreads and 5 star them all. I think I'll be missing that Ashley fangirl gene.


  1. Man, you iz on a roll, woman! o.0

    I can't remember the plot or characters of Wild Man. I'm pretty sure I read it though.

    I can't remember most of the plot of Motorcycle Man, but I sure as hell remember Tack (even though I can't remember his name for beans and usually come up with Tick or Tug - is that called a brain fart?)

    His heroine is nameless for me. They were in bed a whole lot, but Tack, oh that Tack! I remember being mildly annoyed at him for making what's her name do things, but she always submitted and I thought oh, BDSM! ;-)

    I am a reading 'ho, I have no buttons to get pushed and I'll read just about anything. I figure we're all different and fictional characters should be too. I can live with them for a short while, wouldn't want their lives necessarily, but for a good storyline I'll put up with a lot.

    Anyway, I found your reaction to these books fascinating, Unfortunately I'm not that deep, lol

    Now then - I just bought this vampire book ....

  2. I loved Motorcycle Man, like loved it so much I would have given it 6 starts if Goodreads would have let me. The pov switch irked me, but it didn't ruin the book for me. It could have been smoother. But MM was a HUGE improvement for me over Sweet Dreams, the only other KA I've read.

    After this review, I'll definitely be checking out Wild Man. I think I'm becoming a KA ho.

    Thanks for the fun review!

  3. OMG. Motorcycle Man is absolutely amazing!!! I always loved Tack and Tyra's book. 1.Motorcycle man 2. Mystery man the other two i enjoyed a lot too but i cant decide which one is the 3 and 4. Anyway.. loved Motorcycle man!! Jesus Tack...(smiles)

    New KA fan!!